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We started our Business in 2002, our first festival was in Tremonton Utah. Since then we have traveled to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. As vendors at the Pow Wows and Festivals we have met many people which have became good friends and sharing my culture with our Native Ameican made products with them has been a very exciting for us. I strive for the authenticity and the old tradtional style of work, made by the hands of my Great For Fathers who had lived in this Great Land of Ours. I want to be able to pass my work onto my children and grandchildren and help them to learn and understand that what I do now with my creations will live on and on. So in doing my art work I will learn and grow, to keep doing what I love for a very long time!!

Ira L. Walks

2014 Cody WY.

  The best part of our story is I get to Dance Crow Traditional with my Grandchildren and  Brothers!   We can create Native Ameircan Ragalia just email us in the

  This is our Story! Please Enjoy!!

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